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Thalgo body treatments




Marine Prelude

For whom: undernourished, dry, dehydrated, rough skin; horny epidermis.

Objective: Marine Prelude treatment aims to remove horny epidermis, remineralise the skin using marine silt and salt, and smooth and nourish it.

Contraindications: pregnancy, breast-feeding, chemotherapy, cancer, clotting disorders, eczema, systemic infection.

Possible to be performed on very sensitive skin.

Duration: about 75 minutes


 Toning Body Wrap

Indications: excess body fat, increased metabolism, smoothing and nourishing of the skin, more supple and elastic skin

Objective: Toning Body Wrap treatment aims to tone the body, boost metabolism, smooth and nourish the skin making it more supple and elastic.

Contraindications: allergy to the ingredients contained in preparations, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Possible but in consultation with a doctor: thyroid diseases, heart diseases, high and low pressure, diabetes, epilepsy.

Duration: about 75minutes