Hand Care


Hybrid manicure

Is applied as nail polish, and hardened as gel. The service takes 60 minutes; it is removed in the salon easily, quickly and safely within 10minutes by using a special liquid, because “the nail polish” is resistant to nail polish remover. Hybrid manicure is a guarantee of long-lasting, shiny varnish on nails up to 3 weeks.


Is done using liquids softening cuticles or using nail clippers. It is a completely safe procedure, as the tools used in our Institute are subjected to solid sterilisation in high temperature of an autoclave.

Nail styling using nail gel

Gel application to the nail plate is a procedure for women who wish to strengthen their natural plate and make sure the polish stays longer on the nails. Acid-free, elastic Natural Nail Gel strengthens and conditions the nails.

Nourishing hand treatment

Paraffin bath for hands is a relief for arms. It is a pleasant and relaxing treatment reach in vitamin E, stimulating blood circulation and making your hands look healthy.