Female hairdressing


INOA hair colour

To date, there was hair colour. Now there is INOA (Innovation Noammona). The world of beauty is immortal, and this is the area in which L’Oreal works.

If you are looking for colouring products:

– without ammonia,

– with no smell,

– covering hair perfectly,

– with unique hair fibre care properties,

– in a variety of colours,


Use the INOA colouring. Allow yourself to be seduced by three components of the consistency of cream and honey. INOA will show your beauty to the world and give you pleasure.


OMBRE hair colour


Returning to your natural hair colour


The latest colouring trend inspired by the natural phenomenon of hair regrowth – hair colouring OMBRE HAIR (From French, ombre – shadow). With Dolce Vita, follow the footsteps of the biggest stars and celebrities. It could also be you who falls in love with the latest trend, whose idea is not to dye your own hair at the root, but to professionally lighten up the ands of your hair. Lighter ends harmonize with the rest of your hair, because they are dyed in such a way that as a result they intermingle with natural hair colour and do not form the line separating the colours.

The advantages of two-tone colouring:

– enlivens facial features,

– rejuvenates the face,

–    blunts sharp features,

– adds volume, lightness, freshness and character to the hair

– it is a good way to return to your natural hair colour

–    you’re trendy – elegant, subtle, crazy, modern and natural.