Hair extensions


We will help you improve your nature naturally!

 You will feel more beautiful and unique than ever before!


Thin and sparse hair does not have to mean it is forever. You do not have to wait for long and beautiful hair on and on. Dolce Vita offers hair extensions and hair thickening using the latest methods.


Hair extension and hair thickening:


Advantage – quick change of appearance


Purpose – embellishment, a new style, correction of undesirable features.


The Beauty Institute individually selects the appropriate method of hair extension, which is the basis of success.

 MICRORINGS – hair extension/thickening using “cold fusion” technique of micro rings, which are unseen and made of aluminium. They are applied very quickly and easily. Since there is no need for the use of chemical products, hair is not damaged. A wide range of shades allows precise selection of the colour so that your hair looks natural.


KERATIN – hair extension/thickening using “hot fusion” technique of hair bonds with tips


made of keratin. Keratin is a structural component of hair, therefore it is not harmful.


We particularly recommend this method to our customers allergic to nickel, with weak and damaged hair or to those who do not want any connections to be visible. Keratin has regeneration properties and as a result hair can become stronger.